Tricone Bit Cautions

September 11, 2022

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TCI Tricone Bit Cautions

1. Before running to the well,the tricone bit should be checked to see whether Bits diameter is in gage,
and type of bit whether it is suitable to the formations. The jet nozzles should be ensured to be
well installed of the right size.
2. The well bottom must be kept clean without any falling junks.
3. Don't use the inserted bit when the well bottom is not clean, or there are fallen junks in the bottom, or in any other complicate conditions.
4. After the bit has been screwed on the collar,it may be run into the well, if the bit is stopped
by ledges during lowering, the pump should be operated to circulat the mudflow.When the bit is lowered down near the well botton, it should be placed slowly, and the hitch up is not permitted.
5. The bit lowered into the bottom must run for 30 minutes at a low rotaional speed and weight,
so that the bit bearing can be fitted and a new well bottom pattern can be made. And then
gradually increase the drill weight to the normal value.
6. During drilling, Operation must be steady, and the feed must be even.

7. Rotary speed of the bit must be strictly controlled in the recommended range. Drilling weight must increase evenly and the suddenly apply the weight is not permitted.
8. The driller must concentrate upon the operation out of control of drum brake is not permitted. If any abnormal vibration or shock occurs in drilling, analysis and proper measures must be taken in time.
9. It is normal that the cone of a new sealed bearing bit can not rotate freely by hand.Don'tput the bit into an oil pool to lubricate the seal or hit the bit for turning.
10. All types of bits are generally unsuitable for reaming a hole, especially on enlarging the hole by reaming at a high rotational speed is strictly prohibited.
11. On selecting the drilling parameters according to attached table, weight should be taken. In operation, never select the maximum drilling weight and rotary speed at the same time.
12. The “Recommended Rotary Drilling Measures Applications” must be adopted.